Concessions / Sno Cones

Sno Cone Machine Rental

Any ideas on staying cool for the Summer? Cypress Party Rental Sno Cones come with a variety of flavors (e.g. Cherry, Raspberry, Strawberry). We supply the Sno Cone flavor, cups and machine. We do not deliver ice. Does that sound like a fair deal? The only thing as fun as eating the Sno Cones are making them. Enjoy!

Price: $45

Cypress Houston Popcorn Maker Rental

Let us know how many guests your planning for. We have plenty of FRESH supplies. When is warm buttery Popcorn not invited to the party? Never put a Popcorn Machine to use? We'll quickly show you how to use it and supply you with popcorn bags and a convenient scooper to serve with. You cannot go wrong no matter the type of event you are planning. We highly recommend not skipping out on extra supplies for those interested in an outdoor theater set-up.

Price $45:

Cypress Houston Margarita Machine Rental

We hope you thought twice about this one. Cypress Party Rentals Margaritas are made by 2-bowl commercial grade machines. What does this mean? It won't break and you'll be able to make that perfect Margarita, Daiquiri, or Slushy you're imagining right now.

  • 3 gallons per bowl.  That is over 6 gallons of ice cold frozen beverages in total (approx 100 8-oz cups)
  • Recommended for indoor use / 1 hour freeze time
  • Delivery note:  Weighs 200 lbs.
  • Notes:  Get the batch started 1 hour before your party.  For best results, the machine should be kept out of direct sunlight.  The customer provides all liquor.

    Requirements Multiple Electric / Power Outlets Adult Supervision Elevators (Upstairs deliveries not preferred)

                                                                                     Price:  $100